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Better Golf.
The first advanced analytics platform built for PGA Tour professionals

A new way to prepare

Revolutionize your approach

With TourIQ, you get access to advanced statistical models, proprietary software experiences, and the professional support you want, all utilizing the most up to date data, all at your fingertips.

Schedule recommendations
Design an optimal schedule based on your skills and each courses' statistical profile.
Course exploration
Understand each courses' characteristics by exploring historical data.
Track performance over time
Understand changes in performance as they are happening.
Answer targeted questions
Make comparisons across time frames and situational context.
Strategize plan of attack
Analyze and develop the optimal plan of attack for any hole on tour.
Personalized support
A team of sports data professionals at your disposal.
Powerful. Professional. Personalized.
Data Driven
Over 12 million ShotLink shots
Machine Learning Powered
Advanced statistics help to find signal in the noise
Built for Exploration
Examine data within the context that matters
Intuitive Takeaways
Visualize data on your terms

Working with Cory and TourIQ has helped me understand my data at a much deeper level, giving me detailed information to help optimize my practice and prepare for each event.

Dylan Frittelli

2019 John Deere Classic Champion

Why it matters

Golf is hard. We can help.

Professional sports franchises employ teams of data scientists and software engineers to provide insights, drive strategies, and produce more wins. The economics of golf do not support player's hiring their own "moneyball" staff, despite golf being a sport that is ripe for data driven change.
Concepts like strokes gained have helped provide a high level performance assessment framework, but fail to deliver the highly contextual insights that PGA professionals need. Without a more granular, flexible approach to assessment, golfers are preparing for events with an incomplete set of tools.
TourIQ delivers a flexible turnkey solution to help players asssess performance, develop their game, and deploy their skills on the course using a wealth of historical ShotLink data. With years of experience achieving these same goals in front offices in the NBA, MLB, and MLS, we also offer the ability to partner directly with players in a more bespoke fashion to support their needs.
The Team
TourIQ is an analytics platform built from the ground up by sports technology professionals in partnership with PGA Tour Pros.
Cory Jez
Founder & CEO
Cory founded TourIQ with the goal of empowering PGA Tour golfers with data driven insights as they seek to gain an edge over the field. Cory holds a Masters in Advanced Analytics from Georgia Tech and spent years building and leading analytics teams with Austin FC and the Utah Jazz.
Phil Baker
Cofounder & CTO
Phil utilizes his background in software engineering and wealth of experience working with professional athletes and coaches to build the application that helps power our PGA partners' success. Prior to TourIQ, Phil was the Assistant Director of Baseball Systems for the Cleveland Guardians.

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